We want to put out an overdue warm FALL WELCOME to the world of food eaters, snack attackers, healthy wannabe’s, and flavor fans.

Some of you know us. Some don’t. For those who don’t (or for those who have forgotten) – we’d like to reintroduce ourselves. Wholesome Goodness is anything but another big food company. And we’re not tree-hugging fanatics either. We’re a dedicated team of people with families who share a vision for producing really nutritious food that tastes great and is fairly priced. That may sound straight forward, but we don’t think it’s ever been done this way before.

You may ask why we share content over the digital “airwaves?” It’s not just about marketing (yes, we have to market too); at Wholesome Goodness, we’re excited about wanting to make a difference. And we want to share our healthy eating insights, ideas, tips, and food tricks with you online, via email and in the social media stratosphere.

Having invested our entire careers in the food business—some of us with over 40 years of experience— we’ve watched as foods have become highly processed, loaded up with sodium and fat, and made with ingredients that we don’t recognize and can’t pronounce. We’ve seen how that is causing an alarming rate of weight gain, poor heath, and disease. Anyone paying attention knows this. So we want to add our two cents to the conversation in hopes that the ideas catch on and people start thinking differently about food.

Stay tuned for more on how we can all make a difference and start loving food that loves you back™.