Northern California, Friday, June 15, 2016: Wholesome Goodness was selected as a winning product line in the retail/grocery category of “Multigrain Tortilla Chips,” “Whole Grain and Granola Cereals,” “Cereal Bars,” “Trail Mix” and “Shelf Stable Salad Dressings.” Their submissions in these product categories were all judged Excellent in Northern California by a panel of Masters of Taste selected by Chefs In America.

The protocols of “triple blind” judging ensure accurate and fair judging results, therefore, the judges Do Not Know:

  1. Who the manufacturer is;
  2. What the product variety or appellation is;
  3. What the other evaluators’ scores and comments are during judging.

Further, products were rated for six major factors:

  1. Appearance: Color, defects, surface condition.
  2. Aroma: Fruity odor, pungent, off odor.
  3. Taste: Sweetness, sourness, bitterness, saltiness, umami.
  4. Mouth Feel: Texture, firmness, juiciness, mealiness / graininess, astringency.
  5. Aftertaste: Often a sample will have a distinctively different after taste that may or may not linger in the mouth, but varies from the initial sensory impression.
  6. Overall Impression (gestalt): This is exactly what it sounds like, the overall impression of the product, which includes all of the above factors.

The American Masters of Taste judging panel agreed that, “Wholesome Goodness has created fantastic flavor profiles throughout their product line, whether it is a multi-grain tortilla chip, a whole grain and granola cereal, a granola bar, a trail mix or a shelf-stable salad dressing. All exemplary products, using healthful and fresh ingredients with brilliant formulation”

The judging was a part of the on-going U.S.A. Taste Championships founded in 1986 with the establishment of Chefs In America, whose professional culinary board members gather weekly to conduct taste tests on a myriad of foodservice and retail grocery products.

Wholesome Goodness was declared a 2016 U.S.A. Taste Champion.

Conclusion, Chefs In America’s Final Recommendation:
Our chef tasting panel was encouraged how Wholesome Goodness formulated their natural products while meeting our criteria for high quality and great taste. Their tortilla chips, whole grain & granola cereals, cereal bars, and salad dressings are a welcome addition to a market glutted with artificially flavored products with poor flavor profiles. Our Chef panel unanimously agreed that these products are well suited to the current American Palate.

Chefs In America wishes to encourage our MEGABUYERS including buyers in: grocery stores, gourmet grocery stores, club stores, health food stores and convenience stores to purchase Wholesome Goodness’ delicious offerings. Each Wholesome Goodness product had good overall appearance, fresh and clean aroma of quality ingredients, pleasing mouth feel and excellent flavor from the first impression through to the aftertaste.

Chefs In America judged your products and you emerged as a 2016 U.S.A. Taste Champion. We wholeheartedly recommend Wholesome Goodness’ products for retail and foodservice use and endorsement by the American Masters of Taste Awards.