Wholesome Goodness, a new brand of natural, better-for-you foods debuts in February 2012. The brand’s product line includes 56 family favorites including hot and cold cereals, snack chips, trail mixes, Omega and veggie tortilla chips, salsas, dressings, marinades, pasta and barbecue sauces, and juices. Every product is made with a nutrition-minded, home-style approach. The result is food that is “simple, naturally delicious™”… and affordably priced.

Wholesome Goodness recipes have been created to make every product as nutritionally dense as possible. This guiding principle minimizes the consumption of empty calories helping consumers eat closer to how nature intended. All Wholesome Goodness foods emphasize natural ingredients such as whole grains, fiber and beneficial antioxidants while minimizing sugar, sodium and fat. By focusing on simple recipes and high quality ingredients, the naturally delicious taste comes through.

Going a step further, Wholesome Goodness bans the use of 126 ingredients that are commonly used by other food companies. Prohibited ingredients include anything artificial such as additives, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives. Furthermore, all Wholesome Goodness foods are free of high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and other highly processed ingredients. All packages are clearly labeled to provide consumers with the nutritional benefits as well as identifying those that meet gluten-free and Kosher dietary guidelines.

Wholesome Goodness believes that nutritious foods are beneficial only if they are accessible and affordable. Grocery shoppers will find that Wholesome Goodness foods are attractively priced, typically below comparable mainstream brands and significantly lower than other natural/ organic product lines.

The brand’s better-for-you charter extends to the environment as well. A significant percentage of Wholesome Goodness products are manufactured in LEED certified facilities and packaging is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. For example, cartons and boxes are made with recyclable materials and/or aseptic packaging made from renewable resources eliminating the use of plastics.

For more information, including nutritional facts, store locations and details on new products, visit www.wholesome-goodness.com or join the Wholesome Goodness community at Facebook.com/EatWholesome and Twitter.com/EatWholesome. Wholesome Goodness…”bringing delicious and nutritious together like never before™”

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