Like you, we’re concerned about the dramatic rise of obesity, chronic illness, and diabetes. Consumers no longer want foods that are loaded with sodium, fat, artificial flavors and preservatives with ingredients that you don’t recognize and can’t pronounce. That’s why Wholesome Goodness® products were created.

At Wholesome Goodness, we’ve taken years to craft recipes using better ingredients that deliver better flavor and nutritional density. We also went one step further by working with renowned nutrition expert Dr. David Katz, the founding director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center, to provide consumers with naturally delicious and truly better-for-you options across a range of popular categories including: chips, cereals, snack mixes, dressings and granola/cereal bars.

Our new line of Non-GMO Project verified cold cereals are great for breakfast or as an anytime snack. They’re loaded with exceptional ingredients including: Ancient Whole Grains (Amaranth, Spelt and Quinoa); Pomegranate and Cranberry Juice; Blueberries; Almonds; Walnuts; Honey; Brown Rice; Barley and much more. Each product delivers up to 28g of whole grain; 5g of protein; are a good or excellent source of fiber; very low in sodium; and low in saturated fat while being cholesterol and trans-fat free. As a bonus, our cereals also contain oat and whole grain granola clusters for added crunch. With four fantastic flavors (Cherry-Almond; Blueberry Pomegranate; Honey Walnut and Vanilla Almond), there’s something that everyone will love.

How about healthier snacking with no added oils? We offer fantastic snack mixes that are made using our Infusion Roasted® nuts. Most people don’t know that most trail mixes include deep-fried nuts coated with salt leaving their hands greasy and salty. We solved that problem with our infusion roasting technique. We start with premium nuts, immerse them in a seal salt bath, then slow roast them for 20 minutes. Our Infusion Roasted nuts are NEVER fried and don’t have any surface salt. As a result, you’ll taste the true flavor of our nuts with less sodium and no added fat from oil.

Importantly, we’re committed to you and the ‘Whole Mission’. Each Wholesome Goodness product provides multiple nutritional benefits while being free of artificial colors, flavors, cholesterol, trans fat, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and over 120 ingredients that are used by other food companies. We use sustainable packaging and produce our products in environmentally friendly facilities.

Drive sales by giving consumers what they’re demanding – naturally delicious foods that are truly better-for-you. Wholesome Goodness has all the tools you need including display ready shippers; mobile coupons; demos and strong promotional feature options. Join the Nutritious and Delicious Revolution today!