Where is Wholesome Goodness located?
Our mailing address is Wholesome Goodness, Inc 6522 RFD, Long Grove, IL 60047. The general telephone number is 1-888-975-9575.

How does the store locator work?
The Store Locator is designed to help you find Wholesome Goodness products in nearby grocery stores. If you enter a zip code and receive a list of stores, those stores have carried Wholesome Goodness products within the past 90 days. However due to fluctuations in sales and distribution we cannot guarantee that the same stores will have the product available on any specific day. If you don’t see it on grocery shelves we recommend that you check with the store manager to determine when Wholesome Goodness products may again be available at that location.
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What do the icons on my product mean?
At Wholesome Goodness we believe in bringing you information about food that is simple and easy to understand. We’ve included “feature icons” on our packaging so you can quickly see each product’s benefits.
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How can I get free product coupons?
Thank you for your interest in our products! Unfortunately, we don’t have coupons available to send our consumers. Coupons can be found year-round through grocery store circulars and web sites.