Every Wholesome Goodness® package is designed to provide nutritional information that is simple and easy to understand. Knowing these facts can help you make better decisions when shopping and preparing meals.



The ingredient list

Our goal is to keep the ingredient list as simple as possible. We emphasize simple recipes with a homemade style and approach.

Ingredients are listed in order of their proportion in the product. If the ingredients list contains long, chemical-sounding words that you can’t pronounce, avoid that item.


How to read the Nutrition Facts

We are nutritionally minded. We aim to lower or eliminate sodium, sugar and fats whenever possible. In addition, we emphasize beneficial nutrients like fiber and antioxidants.


Health Tabs and Feature Icons

Every one of our products has a series of “Health Tabs” and “Product Feature Icons” pointing out that item’s benefits.

Nutrition Facts Table
Health Tabs and Feature Icons


The secret ingredient: Flavor

Food can’t be nutritious if you won’t eat it. That’s why we’re committed to making all of our products naturally delicious.

“To give you an idea of how Wholesome Goodness went over in my house… there is nothing left!”