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plant-based protein bowl

Plant-Based Protein Bowl

Whether you participate in Meatless Monday, are watching your cholesterol, trying to eat a more plant-based diet, or just want to feel better…try this garden protein bowl! It’s full of nutrients, fiber, and nearly 60 grams of protein! This is great as a side for two people or the full meal for one!   Plant-Based […]


meet jaime parker

Jaime’s Kitchen: Superfood Garden Bowl

Earlier this week we introduced Jaime Parker, who we are sponsoring as she trains for the 2015 Boston Marathon. As part of her training, Dr. Jaime is making recipes each week, integrating Wholesome Goodness products into nutritious and delicious meals that fuel her preparations for the marathon. As a health and wellness coach, Jaime is always on […]


endive salad

Salad Course: Endive and Apple Salad

Don’t be scared off by the ambiguously-pronounced name, Belgian Endives are a great bitter-leaf lettuce for making salads that merge savory and sweet. The small size of the lettuce heads also makes them fairly easy to handle relative to the size of larger-leafed type of lettuce and the bitterness of the leafs contrasts nicely with both […]


fall pear salad

Salad Course: Fall Pear Salad

The traditional “Waldorf Salad” was originally a combination of apples, celery, and walnuts on a bed of greens and dressed in mayonnaise. Over the years, though, people have modified and played with the traditional recipe to play up certain flavors or make the salad healthier. For our pear salad version, we subbed pear for apple […]


veggie tian stack

First Course: Veggie Tian Stacks

It’s still pretty hard to imagine a Thanksgiving dinner without a turkey for most people when they conjure up their image of the traditional meal. Heck, “Turkey Day” is a pretty common euphemism for the holiday. But with more and more people adhering to vegetarian or vegan diets, it’s important to have some heartier vegetarian […]


brussels sprouts

First Course: Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Brussels Sprouts

A Thanksgiving dinner is only as good as its sides. Even the most basic turkey can be helped along by tasty and fun side dishes. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks in the kitchen experimenting with all kinds of side dishes, from the traditional to the new and different. This recipe for roasted brussels […]



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