Snacking with Beneficial Ingredients

We’ve taken years to craft recipes using better ingredients that deliver better flavor and nutritional density. We also went one step further by working with renowned nutrition expert Dr. David Katz to provide consumers with naturally delicious and truly better-for-you options across a range of popular categories including: chips, cereals, snack mixes, dressings and granola/cereal bars.


Naturally Delicious Foods with Beneficial Ingredients

Why was Wholesome Goodness created? With obesity and diabetes rates growing at a rapid pace, health and wellness has increasingly become a mainstream trend with consumers. Products with no artificial colors or flavors that are lower in sugar, sodium and fat are outpacing total category growth by a significant margin in many categories.


Wholesome Goodness declared a 2016 U.S.A. Taste Champion

Northern California, Friday, June 15, 2016: Wholesome Goodness was selected as a winning product line in the retail/grocery category of “Multigrain Tortilla Chips,” “Whole Grain and Granola Cereals,” “Cereal Bars,” “Trail Mix” and “Shelf Stable Salad Dressings.” Their submissions in these product categories were all judged Excellent in Northern California by a panel of Masters […]


Wholesome Goodness featured in Gourmet News

Wholesome Goodness a Brand of Foods that “Love You Back” Wholesome Goodness is a brand based on three key tenets: that food should taste great, that food should be nutritious and that nutritious food should be affordable. Because it fulfills all three of these goals, Wholesome Goodness’ product aligns with the way that Millennial generation […]