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Naturally Delicious and Nutritious

New Snack of the Year!
Wholesome Goodness Named 2015 CPG Editor’s Choice Award Winner

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Tortilla Chips

Naturally Delicious and Nutritious

2016 U.S.A. Taste Champion!
“Wholesome Goodness has created fantastic flavor profiles throughout their product line.”

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Tortilla Chips

Naturally Delicious and Nutritious

Tortilla Chips, Kettle-Cooked Chips and Whole Grain Crisps
An alternative to empty calories and guilt.

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Potato Chips, Tortilla Chips and Whole Grain Crisps

Naturally Delicious and Nutritious

Whole Grain Cereals
Every bowl provides a generous helping of whole grains.

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Hot & Cold Cereals

Naturally Delicious and Nutritious

Granola Bars and Snack Mixes
We take great pride in delivering snacks that are naturally delicious and affordable.

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Granola Bars and Snack Mixes

Better for You

Developed with guidance from renowned nutrition expert Dr. David Katz, our foods use real ingredients and strike the right balance between flavor and nutrition.

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Dr. David Katz

Naturally Delicious

Most people today do not believe that nutritious food can also be delicious food. At Wholesome Goodness® we’re changing this notion.

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Real Ingredients


We believe a dollar should never stand between you and a better-for-you choice.

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